A&A 110: Interdisciplinary Digital Media Studio I



This course is the first of a series of required courses for the Interdisciplinary Digital Studio (IDS) degree. Students in A&A 110 will gain an interdisciplinary and collaborative foundation through the studio-based exploration of digital media arts and design processes. This course will foster interdisciplinary awareness and diverse perspectives and provide students with a common language with which they can communicate and collaborate with other students in the arts and design disciplines. The course will integrate a variety of methodologies and approaches rather than discipline-specific subject matter and be especially significant to such areas as learning to think critically, learning to engage in critical dialogue, and development of research skills. It will provide an introduction to, and discussion of, the processes of historical thinking and methodology as these pertain to the work and experience of historical and living digital media artists and designers.

Through the completion of studio-based projects encompassing a wide range of digital media, including image production and manipulation, basic interactivity/hypermedia, interface design, 3D modeling, animation, digital fabrication, audio, and video, students will create a portfolio of work that will enable them to make informed and guided choices as to the further focusing of their studies in the digital arts and design. Students will be introduced to various collaborative situations and approaches to be utilized as necessary based on the needs of the project. In the following year, students will build upon the explorations of this course through more focused and rigorous studio work in A&A 210 as well as other relevant courses to the degree.


Fall 2015
Fall 2014

Selected student work:

3D prints by Kristina Avanzato, Bill Waldron, Caroline O'Brien, 2014 Installation by Kristina Avanzato, Bill Waldron, Caroline O'Brien, 2014 Installation by Jacqueline Friedman and Sarah Niezgoda, 2014 Final installation preparations by Michael O'Halloran and Quan Edwards, 2014