A&A 106: Interdisciplinary Digital Studio (IDS) Seminar II



This is the second foundational course in the IDS program, where modules are taught by a roation of digital artists and designers consisting of faculty in the School of Visual Arts. Content of the learning modules typically includes two and three-dimensional modeling, animation, sound, and game design concepts and processes. The students voted on one of three assignments to focus on for the duration of my roation, culminating in the production of illustrations using 3D modeling and rendering tools. Critique was held on the final class of my rotation.


Spring 2017: Document Link
Spring 2016

Selected student work:

Image by MATTHEW JAMES STEIN, 2016 Image by JINFENG XU, 2016 Image by ALEXANDER LARKIN, 2016 Image by KAI MASUCHIKA, 2016