DART 303: 3D Digital Studio



DART 303: 3D Digital Studio was revamped for Fall 2020. This OER course formerly called Art 314: 3D Modeling, Rendering, and Animation is offered as either an synchronous in-person or asynchronous fully online digital studio course where students pursue their individual interests in the 3D digital medium. There are a series of exercises to acquaint students with tools such as Blender, Adobe AfterEffects, and Substance Painter. I designed the course to be multi-tracked, enabling students to choose exercises that align with their interests and skill level. Students interested specifically in 3D animation tend to take the course multiple times, moving up to the advanced tracks built into the course. For their final projects, students produce a 15 - 30 second animation and accompanying artist statement.


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Guest Speakers:

Guest speakers have included Hair and Lighting Specialists, Character Animators, Game Designers, Technical Leads from a variety of companies including Sony Imageworks, BlueSky, Valve Software, DreamWorks Animation, Microsoft Games Canada, Mainframe Entertainment, Relic Entertainment

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