Single-channel Video
Multi-touch Interface

Interspatial was a collaborative installation with Kyle Hood. We created it to investigate how a person’s self expression might be impacted through daily interaction and use of ubiquitous systems within society. The user was encouraged to interact with the installation via hand gestures for the purpose of manipulating a virtual object. The object was presented on a rear-projection multi-touch interaction screen, where viewers could alter the state of the object by gesturing with different combinations of movements. Illustrations of the types of gestural interactions permitted were displayed next to the screen.

This experience was designed to encourage a user’s recognition that not everyone can attain the same level of mastery of an interface system, which encouraged one to find parallels of this scenario within their own lives. Interspatial served as an analog for questions pertaining to learning, exploration, and self-directed inquiry within the constricting rules society imposes.

Device parts labelling Image of Insterspatial projection display Still of Insterspatial multitouch interaction