Metadata for Digital Teaching


From the Book The Routledge Handbook of Remix Studies and Digital Humanities, pp. 222-235

Published by Routledge 2021 By Michael Collins


This chapter describes Open Educational Resources (OER) and related educational metadata projects which support digital teaching technology and access of digital information. Expanded metadata standards like OER Schema and Learning Resource Metadata Initiative will set the stage for the development of more intelligent automation tools, expanding and improving the affordances in digital teaching while helping search tools to sift through increasing quantities of information. Generally, OER are any educational material or tool licensed for remix. When the potential for the reuse and remix of information is open to the majority of people, that information is more likely to be perpetuated and creatively acted upon; therefore, open publishing of information is essential to its long-term survival, helping to expand collective human knowledge. This notion of knowledge as networked information is central to the idea that artists are in fact knowledge workers.