Compy Desk Triple Aught One (001)


3/4” Birch Veneer Plywood
Spar Urethane

L 46 in. / D 23.25 in. / H 29 in.

The Compy Desk: 001 is a single run prototype laptop table and workstation. Working within the confines of standard modular specifications, this desk was designed to provide users with a tool free, glue free, and fastener free assembly and disassembly. It achieves this through a unique mechanical locking system, taking advantage of the natural flexibility of the plywood material as well as the precision afforded by CNC fabrication.

Cable routing ports: 10
Bag hooks: 2
Grab handles: 2
Slotted leg attachment points: 8
Rounded edges and corners
Reversible parts

Image of Compy Desk 001 Image of Compy Desk 001 Image of Compy Desk 001