DMD Program Hub


I conceptualized the vision, managed the original development team, designed and implemented the branding and graphics, and carried the project forward after the initial site launch. I am now the sole designer, developer, and maintainer on this project.

The DMD Program Hub is a virtual program space with several strategic curricular goals. In phase 1, this virtual space was designed to foster the digital identity of the Digital Multimedia Design program, provide avenues for community engagement, explain the structure of the program, provide information regarding course pathways, and allow for easy acess to the enrollment application process. In phase II, the Program Hub will host DMD OER course materials, provide a platform for student capstone project exhibitions, and potentially create a space for student online portfolios. This project is currently in phase 1 of completion (of 3 phases).

View the project here: DMD Program Hub

program hub image 1 program hub image 2 program hub image 2