In this project, you will create a 2D low-poly poster using Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. You will practice using composition, color theory, and typography to convey meaning.

Learning Resources

  1. Create “low-poly” style using Adobe Illustrator
  2. Import vector artwork into Photoshop to create a final composite image
  3. You must make all visual elements.

Learning Resources


Steps to Completion

  1. Watch tutorials from Lynda on Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.
  2. Create a project folder called 2dposter-YOURNAME.
  3. Find a news or magazine article that you think is interesting.
  4. Create a low-poly vector logo or illustration in Adobe Illustrator responding to the article’s main issue, see examples. Note: You can NOT use the image included with the article to trace. I recommend using an image that is Creative Commons licensed for derivative use, or using images that are GPL licensed.
  5. Bring the illustration into Adobe Photoshop. The document size should be 8.5in wide by 11in high with 300ppi resolution.
  6. Add one word to the canvas that responds to the article’s theme.
  7. Perform additional adjustments the poster including color grading, modifying the typography, adding texture, and adding other design elements.
  8. Export the composited image from Photoshop as a high quality JPG.
  9. Save your Illustrator file as in the project folder.
  10. Save your Photoshop file as 2dposter-YOURNAME.psd in the project folder.
  11. Save your JPG file as 2dposter-YOURNAME.jpg in the project folder.
  12. Inlcude screenshot or scanned image of the article.
  13. Double check naming conventions.
  14. Compress(zip) the project folder once you’ve completed the tutorial and rename it
  15. Upload the to the Project 1 Dropbox.
  16. Failure to ensure that you’ve uploaded all relevant assets will result in your exercise being graded as an incomplete or late submission. Please review that you have included all desired files listed in the Steps to Completion.