##Introduction to AA105: IDS Seminar I **Instructor:** [Michael Collins](https://sova.psu.edu/profile/michaelcollins) | [email protected] | @_mike_collins
##Introductions Tell us about yourself 1. Name 2. Tell us about something interesting you did this summer (travel, art, sky diving, etc.). If you didn't do anything interesting, make something up!
##What is this class about? 1. This course will introduce introduce you to the digital art and media design tools, techniques, and concepts. 2. In addition, you will prepare a portfolio of digital works in preparation to apply to the Interdisciplinary Digital Studio program.
##Expectations _part 1_ - Class starts at 2:30pm, please be here 5 minutes early. - Attendance is mandatory - Assignment deadlines are firm unless we decide to change them ahead of time - Focus on your work during class time.
##Expectations _part 2_ - Be a self learner, but don’t be afraid to ask questions - 15 Miniute rule: Try to answer your own question. If it's taking more than 15 minutes, ask for help! - Please be respectful to your peers who are working diligently by not distracting them with cat videos or other sources of entertainment.
##[Course Website](http://michaelcollins.xyz/aa105-fa18--oer/)
##Technology sucks! - Rule #1: Never trust technology - Plan ahead by doing the following: - Always have a backup (the computer lab machine doesn't count) - Make sure your backups are synced
##Get Involved [Penn State Digital Media Group](https://www.facebook.com/PSUDigitalMedia/) [SIGGRAPH Student Volunteering](http://s2016.siggraph.org/student-volunteers) (Early February)
##Up Next [Syllabus and Schedule](https://michael-collins.github.io/aa105-fa18--oer/syllabus/aa105-fall2018.html)