1. Exercise 1 review
    • What are some things that you noticed?
    • Was it difficult to communicate and coordinate with your group?
  2. What is the structure of the IDS program?
    • AA105+106: Seminar courses (build portfolio for application)
    • Digital and traditional art courses within SoVA
    • AA110 + 210: IDS fundamentals
    • Collaboration studio project (1 course)
    • Capstone project (2 courses)
  3. Faculty
  4. Social
  5. The field
    • Research: Design researcher, UX Researcher, educator
    • 2D: Concept art for previz, 2D illustration, comic books, product design, background matte painting
    • 3D: Illustration, character and environment modeler, Motion design, UI for film and games, commercials, shorts, feature films, installation art, VR/AR narrative, projection mapping, rapid prototyping
    • Time based: Post-production (Compositing, Rotoscoping, Colorist), 2D or 3D animator
    • Interactive: UI/UX for web and apps, physical computing, VR/AR interactive, Game design
    • Programming: Front-end web developer, 3D Technical Director
  6. Story, Art, and Design Books:
    • Design and Truth - Robert Grudin
    • The Design of Everyday Things - Don Norman
    • Design for the Real World - Victor Papanek
    • Speculative Everything - Dunne and Raby
    • Creative Confidence - Tom and David Kelley
    • Digital Storytelling - Miller
    • Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud
    • Universal Methods of Design - Martin and Hanington
    • Universal Principles of Design - Martin, Hanington
    • The Animator’s Survival Kit - Williams
  7. Converstion Menu (Download)
    • Change person every 6 minutes
  8. Design Process: Link
  9. Brainwriting Exercise: (Download)
  10. Exercise 2 Intro