In this exercise, you use practice preparing 3D models for realtime rendering on the web.

Learning Resources

Sketchfab Exporter:


Steps to Completion

  1. Using Blender or Maya, create a ‘low poly’ polygonal model of an isometric room for realtime rendering.
    • There should be in the style of two “walls” and a “floor”. See examples.
    • You can also model the opposite sides of the walls and floor, but this is not mandatory.
    • This should be non-photo realistic rendering (NPR). Do not use realistic photo-based textures. Instead paint them using Photoshop.
  2. Unwrap the UVs for each object if you intend to use textures. Ensure that your materials are mapping with your object’s UVs.
  3. Paint all textures using Photoshop.
  4. Export to SketchFab using add-on tool or manually upload scene files and textures.
  5. In SketchFab, set the camera to 1 degree field of view.
  6. Check to see that all lights and textures are working properly.
  7. Save all 3D scene file in the project folder called sketchfab-4-YOURNAME.
  8. Inlude a .txt file of the url in the scene folder.
  9. Compress the project folder once you’ve completed the tutorial and rename it
  10. Upload the .zip file to the submission dropbox
  11. Ensure you’ve included everything properly. Failure to ensure that you’ve uploaded the file will result in your exercise being graded according the grading criteria.
  12. Paste the url of the SketchFab project in exercise discussion forum on Canvas.


Your grade will be assessed according to the following: